The Berlin trees were selected according to a special matrix. The letters of the name of the design studio, N | e | u | b | a | u, were laid over a map of Berlin. The trees that were located at the structural anchor points of the letters were marked to appear in the Neubau Forst Catalogue. Over a period of time, from 2009 to 2014, these trees were systematically photographed, documented, and catalogued in the summer and winter seasons.

Neubau’s process of selection and distillation gives the trees a timeless validity, and they can be used universally in future visualisations. Additionally, so-called “tree modules” were removed from existing separate trees. They can be set in front of both dark and light backgrounds of any kind and reproduce without any flashes. There are endless combinations of ready-to-use trees and different modules.

240 × 280 × 50 mm, 9.5 × 11 × 1.98 in
432 pages, 765 full-color illustrations
(315 HD-bitmap tree masks, 327 HD-bitmap tree modules, 41 HD
vector trees, 72 illus. of bark, 144 documentary illus.), paperback
ISBN 978-3-03778-435-8, English

Available in October 2014

From the author & editor of ‘Neubau Welt’, ‘Neubau Modul’ & ‘Neubauism
Stefan Gandl